Inside a Nevada Brothel, near Las Vegas

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In Nevada, only Counties with populations under 400,000 can legally have brothels, of course that leaves Las Vegas out, so in order to visit a brothel You must drive 45 to 60 minutes away. There are plenty of them, and I am not advertising them here. If You ever watch the Bunny Ranch on HBO, You might be like Me and wonder why it is such a piece of shit and who would stoop so low as to need to get laid there, but plenty of People do, so Why don’t they put some money in the place and make it more like a resort? Greed or the fact that they don’t have to. .
Getting Laid in Vegas has gotten more and more easy, from the old fashion way of finding a girl to hiring an Escort to leaving the strip and visiting a brothel.
The competition is mostly coming from the Las Vegas Strip, where prostitution is pushed via cards handed out at more than one per second.
The Brothel experience might be for You but I would advise watching this video before You decide that. It is not what I would call a sexy procedure, especially the first two steps. I say the first two steps, that is the first two after the meet and greet and picking the woman. The first step after that is when the woman takes You in a room the negotiate the price and the madam listens in on the intercom in the other room. This is so that the Whore or prostitute, whichever You prefer to call them will not rip off the house by skimming a little off the top.
The second step might be the worst, this is where the girl-whore-prostitute looks over Your genitals for noticeable problems and size.
The brothel experience is more clinical than having an Escort come to Your room. The brothel could be best described as a sex factory.