Get Laid in Vegas

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Getting Laid in Las Vegas is easy, very easy. How can I say that? Because if all else fails You can use the 1000’s of girls that are begging to be Your date for money, of course.

Who can You hook up with besides the Escorts all over Vegas? Ordinary girls that are going to Vegas in groups or packs, depending on Your terms. These Girls are part of a Bachelorette party weekend, easy pickings. They get drunk all over Vegas, sometimes in broad daylight. You will see the bride usually dressed in something to humiliate Her, like a wedding vial or sometimes a bikini in a place where a bikini isn’t normally seen. Pay no attention to Her in Your plan, focus on the rest of the pack. There is someone in this pack that You can make eye contact with. As You keep eye contact with that one girl give the bride the attention She is due but not more attention than the one girl, forget the rest, but never be rude to the rest. You will always get overruled or dogged by the majority of the pack if You are only nice to one girl so spread it around but never loose focus on the one that You caught eyes with. Ask the pack to join Your pack for a drink, they rarely say no and if they do Fu*k them! move on to  the next pack.
As They are getting drunk slip the one girl Your phone number telling Her to call You when She can slip away from the den mother or the rest of the pack. Show Her a little affection but not so much that the pack notices it too much. She will call but You might be hooked up with Someone else by then because You are going to do this with at least three girls to increase Your odds.

Sports Bars: This is easier for girls than guys to get hooked up (duh). All the girls have to do is join in on the cheering from the table or stool of their target. But guys can do the same, there are some girls in the sports bars. If they are there, You can easily break the silence talking about sports. If the sports bar is all dudes, leave immediately, do not waste time and money if there is no puss.

Casino Bars: There are likely packs of girls in casino bars in packs of 3 or more. If this is a casino bar that has a specialty drink, like a yard of something, offer the girls one. If they are gambling tell them how to play the game they are playing, they hardly ever know more than You do. Always team up with one without offending the others and always slip the one girl Your number to call You when she can get away, maybe when the others take a nap or retire for the evening.

Nightclubs: If You are super hot or super rich, yes. If not, no chance. You will buy 1000’s of dollars worth of drinks for packs of girls and get nothing because she will get so tired she will want sleep more than sex and not only that, she might get too drunk then You might be accused of taking advantage of Her. Never hook up with a drunk girl, make sure they understand what is going on.

People watching: Bird calls never work at construction sites but it sometimes does in Las Vegas. The reason is, at a construction site it is one girl and 100 dirty guys, no girl is going to stop and say, thanks for whistling at me now come F&ck me! But In Vegas, getting laid from a bird call is very possible. The girl is buzzed or slightly drunk and very horny (they all are) and loves the attention You just gave Her, You can always call out, Where You from? after You used Your favorite bird call that she giggled about. A good one is to call each girl by a celebrity They look like. If it is a pack of girls with big asses, You ask if You can Keep up with the Kardashians, see through shirt, call out Hannah Montana, ect….There is always something they know is directed to them, watch the giggle then talk more. No giggle, wrong bird call, wait for next one.

If You are really intend on getting laid, You can always fall back on the Las Vegas Locals but You don’t need to do that until You know there is no other possibility. On the other hand, many Guys decide to go Escort early so they can get that off the agenda then go gamble, eat, drink and sleep.

How many Girls do You think go to Vegas without their boyfriend, husband or girlfriend? Plenty! They promise not to be bad and they leave with all the conservative clothes that the hubby or boyfriend watched them pack. But guess what? The one single girl in the group has packed all the slutty clothes for the whole group and now they are dressed like whores, unlike anything their boyfriend or husband has ever seen them wear and they want attention. They want to get laid and the Person they hook up with will likely not be as hot as what they left at home. Girls in Vegas are real, not bullshit, they want attention, they want to hook up for the thrill of almost getting caught, of doing something they shouldn’t. Plenty of guys have hooked up with girls that are far below the quality of what they have at home but they still do it. Don’t kid Yourself thinking girls are any different because in Vegas, they are exactly the same as guys WHORES!

If all else fails, remember, 20 minutes or less to Your room, but don’t make the call when You are tired, You likely will pass out before she gets to the room and there is nothing worse than waking up to a knock at the door from a stranger and You have no idea how they got there.

Don’t be a tool: Don’t pile in 4 or more guys to a room, if You cannot afford a nice hotel it is better to stay in a cheap hotel that You can afford by Yourself or no more than one roommate. If You must have a roommate, get rid of him or them when You are going to get laid and keep the room neat, nothing is more of a turn off than a messy room with a roommate scratching His nuts in the next bed. Even a rented girl deserves some respect so keep it clean but always keep money hidden or better yet, locked away in the safe.

If You do find a straight, non escort Girl and You intend to have a one night stand, have some sort of texting between You and Her and make certain You mention sexual intercourse. Trust Me, this can be useful if things change the next day.