Why Vote to Legalize Pot in Nevada? It’s been legal here for decades!

Las Vegas is the most passive City in the World, You can smoke pot on Las Vegas Blvd and Nothing will happen, pull Your pants down, nothing will happen, smoke a Cigar in the Miracle Mile Shops and No One will say a word. To think that a law needs to be passed to allow People to smoke pot is crazy, they have been doing it for years whenever and wherever they want.

The Cops in Las Vegas are fighting murders and domestic disputes, they do not have time to stop People for smoking Pot. Everyday I go to the Las Vegas strip I smell Pot being smoked, normally feet away from Me.

No One is being stopped for not yielding to Pedestrians in the cross walks, even though there are plenty of hit and runs in Vegas. The Police are so under staffed they rarely have time to arrest Anyone that isn’t shooting a gun.