Thousands Stranded when Paris Hotel Las Vegas has power outage

Update: Paris Hotel and Casino reopened in the early morning of November 4, 2016 so it was only one day without power or about 20 hours.

Frustrated Visitors line up at Ballys to get a new room without their luggage
Frustrated Visitors line up at Ballys to get a new room without their luggage

Bally’s Las Vegas Lobby was very full on November 3, 2016 of People that were checked in at Paris Las Vegas. But most were turned away because Bally’s had no rooms. Why? Well, the biggest Convention of the Year was in town, the After Market Car parts show.

So what happened?

Around 9:30 AM on November 3, 2016 the power went out in the Paris Hotel and Casino, not just the Hotel or the Casino but both and not at either neighboring Hotels so it seemed very strange and had all guest wondering if this was a target to only the Paris Hotel maybe by Cyber forces and why could they not correct it immediately?

So how bad was it for the guest

Guest were not allowed in Their room once the power was off, only medical emergencies were the exception. Some  needed medication from their room and security escorted them by flashlight to get that medication and did not allow them to get all their belongings.

Some People that were due to check out on Thursday Morning but left their room were stuck outside without being able to return for their belongings. Then They had to change Their flights which left them in a position of Change fees but Caesars (parent company) said they would cover.

What is the big deal, just put them in Caesars owned properties, right?

Not that simple, the After Market Auto Show is in Vegas this week and EVERY room is occupied except for of course the horrible rooms off the strip that go for 20 dollars on a normal week but this week are going for 300.00

What Hotels would be available on this crowded Week?

Maybe Motel 6 or America’s Best Value Inn, both of which Nobody wants to stay at when they have a reservation at Paris. Paris and Bally’s Employees were busy calling all Hotels nearby including MGM owned Properties. But considering there were almost 3000 rooms occupied at Paris plenty are not going to get a good room.

Who will Pay for this mess?

There is no indication as of now what caused the power outage, it might be the fault of the power provider, which might be Nevada Power or it might be a new provider. Plenty of Casinos are now getting away from Nevada Power and using cheaper providers, We do not know who Paris is using. In any case typically the Hotel will have to suck up the extra charges for the Customer. Since They only have the clothes on their backs it is most likely they will be given money for a few garments. The guest that had to change their flights will be reimbursed change fees on a case by case basis.