Raiders potential site going in the wrong direction

The Rivera location is the best choice for the new Stadium

Rivera being torn down awaiting future plans
Rivera being torn down awaiting future plans

I was shocked to learn that the West of I-15 Tropicana site, a 100-acre piece of ground located a on the west side of Interstate 15 and now anchored by Station Casinos’ Wild Wild West property is a front runner for a proposed Raiders Stadium. This location is a total wasteland with nothing but ugliness surrounding it. It is not walkable from the Las Vegas Strip which should immediately put it out of the running. If the Raiders come to Las Vegas and are not at a site that is walkable to the Las Vegas Strip it would be best that they do not come at all. This is more about partying than it really is about football and that is the reason People would pick Las Vegas to visit when their team plays the Las Vegas Raiders but they want to stay on the strip not in the Ghetto. If the Stadium is not on the Las Vegas Strip or at the Koval location People will spend much less on their vacation leaving Vegas with nothing to gain.

It is short sighted that the Las Vegas Sun is pushing this horrible site as the one for the Raiders. This opinion is that of a local and not of a potential Raider fan. The typical raider fan will come from out of town and will stay on the Las Vegas Strip for a three day (or more) experience. If the stadium is built at the Rivera site or across from the SLS both would be supported by the monorail, meaning traffic flow and parking would be minimal problems. The Raiders would be supported by many that might be coming to see the other team playing and to enjoy the Las Vegas Strip. They do not want to go to the trashy side of I-15 at the Wild Wild West, They want to drink, gamble, party then stumble into the game. Las Vegas is all about the Strip and NOTHING else. Can You imagine People that want to see a top show  and stay in a top Resort wanting to go to west Trop? Hell no! Do You have a gun carry permit? Las Vegans can barely support a minor league baseball team, they cannot support an NFL team, it’s all about the tourist doing so. We have to consider what the visitor would like, not the locals. All the parking and traffic flow has been in place for decades on the Las Vegas Strip, it can handle 10 NFL loads of People at one time, there is not problem there. The Metro area has 150,000 hotel rooms, it can handle the crowds that will come with the Raiders.

The Las Vegas Strip is safe, mainly because the mega resorts have their own security that is as good or better than the Metro Police. Metro Police are working on a very small budget and would be the only force west of the I-15. Security would be at the stadium for sure but the second You walk off the property, good luck!  I was sitting at a traffic light in front of this location and Someone tried to Car Jack Me, I was able to avert that but We do not want our visitors to endure the same. The Raiders and the rest of the NFL are considering the Las Vegas Strip, not the metro area of Las Vegas. If the stadium isn’t walkable to the Strip the chances of a team moving here are as good as moving to Primm, Nv. There are idiots presenting these sites, hopefully the Raiders will ignore them. The difference in the Las Vegas Strip and on the other side of I-15 is like comparing two completely different Cities. So is it the Las Vegas Strip or Salt Lake City or Pensacola, FL? The strip has as much in common with the Wild Wild West location as does Pensacola, FL. NOBODY is coming to Las Vegas to visit a place west of I-15.

There was one idea worse than the Wild Wild West site, The absolute worst idea was the site at Cashman Field which is close to NOTHING. The other options are: On the UNLV Campus and the original front runner at Koval and Tropicana. The Koval location is the absolute best because of proximity to Hotel rooms but it most likely would not be approved because of how close it is to the airport’s runways. The site on the UNLV campus would be more walkable than the west Tropicana location but not by much. But some would say, isn’t the stadium about the UNLV team? No, do not fall for that, it was mentioned so that UNLV would put up the property which has basically been ruled out so lets just forget the UNLV football team as a reason to have a terrible location. Sure They can use the Stadium wherever it is built but they are not the reason to build it. They are a terrible team that doesn’t get any local support so certainly not worth spending local tax dollars on.

The Rivera location would be number one if the County could think out of the box. The Convention Center and the stadium could share the location by using the same foot print. The first floor could be Convention Center and the football field could be on top. The field will be artificial turf that can be put over top of anything. And remember, this is a City that has Gondola Rides at the Venetian over top of a Casino. The Rivera location is most centrally located to the most amount of hotel rooms and is across the street from the possible World Resorts 4 billion dollar project.

It is important that the location is decided before the public is allowed to vote to approve funding on this project. I for one will not vote to use my tax dollars for a stadium to be built at the Wild Wild West site, that would be an embarrassment to Las Vegans.

People wanting to come to Vegas to see an NFL game want to party on the Strip not west of the strip. The stadium needs to be very close to the party, the party is the Las Vegas Strip. If You cannot reach the site by Monorail that site should be eliminated from consideration. If that site is considered much longer, I will suspect that Las Vegas is corrupt as much as it was in the 1960’s. Any idiot can look at the Wild Wild West site and see nothing but SHIT!

If it is not walkable to the Las Vegas Strip, middle, north or south it cannot work for football and other events! If Wild Wild West is considered most People will vote against it.

And one other thing that absolutely must go into consideration is the fact that this stadium must earn revenue outside of football and that means People would want to attend concerts, monster truck shows and all the events that happen at stadiums. That would mean the Customer for these events would be from out of town, locals could never come close to supporting the event alone. Las Vegas has a small metro population that cannot support NFL or other events, the vast majority of the support will be from out of town visitors. Those visitors do not want to go to the west side of I-15 to the Wild Wild West, they want to walk up and down the Las Vegas Strip maybe having a drink at 3 places on their way to the stadium either walking or using the Monorail. Imagine the let down if People are partying on the Strip and say, Hey We only have an hour before the event so We have to stop partying and make our way to the Wild Wild West. The T-Mobile arena will certainly be for the Wild Wild West location for the Raiders because that would mean ALL the other events would be at T-Mobile, Who would pick the Wild Wild West over T-Mobile? NOBODY!