McDonalds left the South end of the Las Vegas Strip

Say goodbye to five McDonalds at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. That means no more cheap hamburgers or French fries within a mile. The closings were at Luxor, Excalibur, Monte Carlo, MGM and just north of the Walgreens and Ross on the east side of the Las Vegas Strip. It was shocking to find this out without any notice in late May 2016.
The McDonald’s at Luxor and Excalibur were the most unique in the world because they were the only one’s to serve nasty Pepsi products instead of Delicious Coca Cola products. This was due to the fact that Pepsi has a contract with MGM properties that does not allow Coke fountain products to be sold. This was a major problem to overcome with McDonald’s that hates Pepsi as much as I do.

McDonalds dominated the fast food market up and down the strip but now the first McDonalds You will find from the South end would be the one at Center Strip next to the new Walgreens and under Twin Peaks. The other McDonalds on the Strip are:
Across from Mirage between Harrahs and Casino Royale
Next to Slots a Fun
Inside Circus Circus on the second floor
Inside Stratosphere

So there was once 10 and now there are 5. There is no indication that these remaining 5 will stay or go.

Price is king. Rent is expensive and dollar hamburgers cannot keep up with the increasing cost. You can see what is replacing these McDonald’s are high priced eateries. Most of the burgers start at 10.95 with milk shakes in the 5 dollar range. More and More expensive food is coming to Las Vegas, moving out the affordable places.

mcdonalds mid strip left las vegasThe first Mcdonalds to leave the south Las Vegas Strip was the one behind the Fat Burger and just North of Walgreens.

mcdonalds left excaliburThe Mcdonalds at Excalibur will now be a B&B, breakfast and burger joint. It is an upscale eatery that will be much more expensive than McDonalds.

johnny rockets coming soon in place of mcdonalds
The Mcdonalds at MGM will be a much higher priced burger joint in Johnny Rockets

mcdonalds leaving montecarlo
The McDonalds at Monte Carlo will also be a Johnny Rockets.