Checkers now open at Harmon and Paradise, near Las Vegas Strip

outside seating at checkers across from hard rock
The Checkers at Harmon and Paradise is now open. With five Mcdonald’s closing recently this is good news for those seeking fast food cheap. You might know checkers by the name of Rallys, but it is the exact same restaurant and same ownership. Now that cheap food is moving off the Las Vegas Strip People will have to walk a little. This location is directly across from the Hard Rock at Harmon and Paradise. Harmon is the road that is at The Harley Davidson Restaurant, Twin Peaks, CityCenter and Buffalo Wild Wings. Checkers serves all types of burgers most under 2 dollars and even some as low as one dollar, Chili dogs, fish sandwiches, wings, french fries and milk shakes.

inside counter at checkers


inside checkers at harmon and paradise

drive thru checkers at harmon and paradise

checkers at harmon and paradise front