Donny and Marie to be back together September 3, 2013 at the Flamingo

donny and marie in las vegas

donny and marie in las vegas
Donny and Marie will be back together on stage at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, September 3, 2013. Marie has been doing the show without Donny for a few weeks now. Marie has been joined by guest Co-Host during Donny’s absence.

Donny injured Himself jumping on the Piano during a performance at the Flamingo. His injury is to His buttocks, specifically The muscle, gluteus maximus. The rehab is a long process and He is not expected to be fully recovered when He returns on September 3. The show will go on and will have to adapt to whatever Donny is up to. It might mean a lot of sitting or leaning, whatever makes Him comfortable.

Donny is 66 years old and Sister, Marie is 64 years old. But They do a show that most 30 year old’s could not do. Both Donny and Marie were contestants on Dancing with the Stars, Donny won His season and Marie was a top three performer.

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