CES Show brings out Escorts and prostitutes from the ranch and the strip



Getting laid in Vegas is easy but during the CES Show it is big business. The week of the CES Show the ranches that are within a 90 minute range of Las Vegas are almost sold out. We say almost because they are never sold out but they can be worn out. Imagine a girl that is used to one or two tricks, dates, hookups as You might call it but on this week She might do 10 in one night. Does the customer really care? After all, She isn’t a virgin and most clients do not have a fetish of finding innocence at the ranch of prostitution. Finding Girls in Vegas is much easier every other week of the year besides the CES week.

But doing even better business than the ranches during CES week are the 20 minutes or less girls of Vegas. These girls are so busy during CES week that the promise of 20 minutes or less is near impossible to live up to.

The important question here is: How much will the prostitute cost? Well, We do not quote prostitution prices but during the week of the CES show it was somewhere around 1.5 to 3.0 times the normal rate. So if You really want to get laid in Vegas, pick another week or bring a big bankroll.