What do the All Over Vegas Hotel Ratings mean?

It is our opinion that the ratings given for each hotel by the major Hotel sites are somewhat useless. Being a frequent Las Vegas Traveler, I have Personally been in Every Hotel and Casino mentioned in this website. I have noticed that a two star hotel can differ drastically from another two star hotel. The standard hotel ratings are based on criteria that usually means nothing to the average customer, such as the fact that the hotel has a restaurant, swimming pool, room service, 24 hour lobby. The ratings do not subtract for the fact that the hotel rooms are filthy or the staff is rude or the location is dangerous.
So our ratings are based on five stars also but the middle star means that the hotel is living up to the national rating system, a 4 star means it exceeds the national rating and should be approaching the next level and a five star means the hotel should be in the next star rating and is over achieving. Of course a 2 star means that it is not living up to its rating and a 1 star means it should be knocked down a star.

so You might see a 4 star for The Quad because We feel like it exceeds its national rating. And You might see a 3 star on Caesars Palace but that doesn’t mean We think The Quad is nicer than Caesars Palace, it means The Quad does a little more than the national rating given to it than does Caesars.