Topless Pools all over Vegas

Warning, This page contains images of topless Women and other nudity.

girl topless at vegas pool
Bottoms are normally required even at the adult only pools

Each Year more and more Hotels add Adult only areas to their swimming options. Some Vegas Hotels have offered topless swimming for decades and some are just now coming on the scene. You might see that hi rollers bring a female Escort with them to show off at the pool. The word You will see at these pools is either European bathing permitted in this area or “Toptional” or “Adult only” Currently there are at least 12 Hotels officially offering such options:

Artisan (European Pool), Caesars Palace (Venus Pool), Cosmopolitan (Marquee Dayclub), Encore (European Pool), Golden Nugget (third floor) M Resort (DayDream), Mandalay Bay (Moorea Beach Club), Mirage (Bare Pool), Sapphire (Dayclub), Stratosphere (Radius), Venetian (Tao Beach) and Wynn (Sunset Pool).

These pools are for guest only without charge but most all pools in Vegas have an option for non guest to pay a fee to enjoy the pools. Get Laid in Vegas NOW

Sapphire is a strip joint that has a very nice dayclub, the dancers enjoy the pool along with the guest so it is not uncommon to see the most beautiful bodies at this venue. For the Man that wants to gawk and not be deemed a pervert, this is the place. It is a rare chance to see the Ladies that You normally only see in the very dark Strip Club, You might be surprised at how many are as beautiful as You thought.

Some of these pools that offer topless sunbathing are visible from guest rooms. For instance, if You are lucky You can see the Sunset Pool at the Wynn from many of the guest rooms and the rooms at the Palazzo can also see the same. Most other pools have high barriers to obstruct the view from guest rooms or other vantage points.

Why offer Topless bathing areas at Las Vegas Hotels?

Because this is Sin City and very few would be offended by it.

Many of the People taking advantage of the topless pools are not American. Many are from Europe and other areas of the world where topless is the norm. People that are used to swimming and sunbathing topless would feel like they were swimming with their socks on if they had to wear a top. Next time You go to a Las Vegas pool, listen around You to the many different languages People are speaking. Las Vegas is an International destination. And in those countries almost every beach is a nude beach so it is no big deal to many visitors coming to Las Vegas.

Nude Beaches in Europe are no big deal
Nude Beaches in Europe are no big deal
a young girl in europe naked by the pool
Topless women in Europe is not a big deal

Even though there are only 12 or so Hotels that advertise that they offer topless optional sunbathing, there are actually plenty that just turn a blind eye to the activity. It is not likely that Anyone will say something to a Person topless sunbathing unless they get a complaint. And in a City where Someone can smoke in Your face and give You cancer, surely No One would complain about Your beautiful breast.