Super Bowl watching alternatives in Las Vegas

The quad is the most improved casino all over vegas

The best places to watch the super bowl in Las Vegas is something I already wrote about but maybe You cannot find what You want there. Well, You are in luck because when it comes to the super bowl every television will be on it all over Vegas. The places that You can watch are usually perfect for You if You are alone or You and one or maximum three others. You can find a bar like the one that is pictured below. If it is just You or one buddy, get a seat at the bar. Be sure to tip the bartender for the 5 hours that you will occupy the seat if You are not drinking as much as that seat should bring.

The quad is the most improved casino all over vegas
The Quad has a great bar for watching the Super Bowl

As You can see in this bar setting at the Quad, it offers some high top tables that seat 4 and You can still see the game really well. The Quad has all new LED televisions and the ones at this bar are at least 70 inch and come in incredibly sharp, the seats at the bar offer the very best picture all over Vegas.
The reason I mention this bar is because it is brand new and centrally located at the brand new Quad but also to show that You would not rule out Casino bars for Your Super bowl watching. A good strategy leading up the the day of the game is to have a drink at a few casino bars and if You have a great bartender ask if He/She is working the super bowl then ask what time You need to get there to be sure to have a seat. If You tipped them well, they might even save a seat for You. Every Casino all over Vegas has at least one good casino bar with at least one good tv to watch so Your choices are unlimited.