Las Vegas Sports books strike it rich on the Super Bowl

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Las Vegas Sports books strike it rich on the Super Bowl because of the Seattle win. The winning of one team should not mean much to a sports book, after all, they are trying to get equal money on both sides so they can stay out of risk and just collect the commission. Well, that rarely happens on very big events like the Super Bowl, the line is harder to move than it is on other games due to the massive dollar amount of money bet. The most money is typically put on the favorite and that usually means the line will move a little at a time until they can get betters to bet on the other team but this Super Bowl betting never went that way, more than 70 percent of the bets went on Denver and even though the line moved half a point, bettors continued to bet on Denver.

The only place the Sports books did not do well was on the prop bets. One bet was what color the gatorade bath was going to be but it did not specify that the bath had to be the only one or the first one. The gatorade bath was two color because the team did it twice, once in orange and once in blue gatorade, therefore the casinos were forced to pay both sides of that bet. Also a kick off return for a touchdown, a interception of Manning for a TD and of course a safety on the first play paid bettors many times their bets. The prop bets were not a big portion of the total pool of bets at most places but some smaller books had almost as much in prop bets as the line bet so they did not do as well as the bigger books.