Johnny Manziel in Vegas gambling instead of on floor with dog in Cleveland

Manziel posted a picture of Himself and His dog laying on the floor of His Cleveland home on Saturday night but He was seen playing blackjack in Vegas. Witnesses said They saw the Cleveland QB in Planet Hollywood on the Eve of Cleveland’s final game. Manziel was on concussion protocol and was suppose to report to the training room Sunday Morning but He was a no show.
It is possible this is all a lie? But even if Johnny Manziel was in Vegas, good for Him, party on!! He was not required to be at the game on Sunday so the worst He did was not show up for His concussion appointment which is a useless session anyway.

Colin Cowherd, a Fox sports radio host took a dig at Planet Hollywood on His Monday show. He said Johnny Manziel is an NFL Quarterback, why is He at Planet Hollywood, He should be at Bellagio, Wynn or Encore. Sorry old tired Man, Colin Cowherd but the babes are at Planet Hollywood and Cosmopolitan, old Men are at Bellagio, Wynn and Encore. Johnny surrounds Himself with hot babes not old hags. Or as Chris Brown would say “Old and dusty, ugly as shit”