It’s Official, NHL coming to Las Vegas starting fall of 2017

Las Vegas’ to-be-named team will enter the league alone, perhaps increasing its chances to be competitive immediately, after the board deferred a decision on Quebec City, the other market to apply for a franchise.

New majority owner Bill Foley, a financial tycoon, beamed with pride as he soaked in a day he had worked toward for more than a year and a half. His ownership group must pay the NHL a $500 million expansion fee for the team, which it has been prepared to do for more than a year.
This could open the door for a NFL team to come to Vegas, that would be much bigger impact than the NHL team but it is a step in the right direction.

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Las Vegas has been denied professional sports teams in the past because of it’s gambling environment. Do not expect the new Las Vegas Hockey team to look any different than other NHL team at it’s T Mobile home rink. There will not be betting stations set up at the venue but there will be no restrictions for betting on the team at the sports books all over Vegas. There are plenty of sports books that offer mobile betting so there is a way for spectators to bet on these games at the venue just as they can bet on basketball, football, baseball and other sports.