High Roller at the Linq, Las Vegas

High Roller at the Linq
24.95 for day ride
34.95 for night ride
pay at the venue
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Some things I learned about the High Roller right away.
They have way too many employees, if They are going to make a profit, they need to cut it down to about two or three, not 100. Multiple People ask You to scan Your pass. Too big of an ordeal just to get boarded on the damn thing.

There is nothing to view out the east side of the cabin, unless You like parking lots and tops of flat roofs.

Pictures and video are difficult because of the reflection on the glass even at night.

The only good view is at the 80 to 100 percent height, the rest of the time is all for wishing You had not gotten on the thing in the first place.

I cannot say this is worth the time and frustration. The price is reasonable but I would maybe wait until they figure out how to get You on the ride in five minutes instead of 20 (even when empty). If this attraction is ever get crowded, I would expect to wait a long long time.