Did Vegas Sports Books want USA to lose?

paradise, nevada

Maybe they didn’t want them to lose but it was definitely good for them. Or was it? A big relief came over all the bosses in the Las Vegas Sports Books today when The USA team was eliminated, it assured them they were not going to end up in a loss at the end of the World Cup. All that hopeful money that American’s put on their favorite team is now in the Casino profit column.
On the other hand, all the excitement that brought customers in the sports books might also be gone. Having USA hopeful in the tournament brought bettors to bet on other games and thus making a better overall pot for the Casinos. If USA were to go all the way and win the World Cup it would have been big losses for most Sports Books and over the one million dollar mark for some. The timing was good since the NBA only went 5 games and the only other thing going is MLB and Horse racing which isn’t all that much.
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