Denver is a slight favorite over Seattle in Super Bowl

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Denver is a early favored in the Super Bowl against Seattle
Denver is favored early in the Super Bowl against Seattle

February 2, 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII
The line in Las Vegas ranges from 2 to 2 1/2 points favoring the Denver Broncos. The over under is 48. Denver has the edge according to the odds maker because of Peyton Manning at Quarterback for Denver. Seattle has a second year NFL player, Russell Wilson at quarterback. Denver will be the Home team and will wear Orange jerseys.

But the real betting in Vegas isn’t the most obvious Denver or Seattle, it is int he prop bets. Many People go to Vegas for one reason only, to be the prop bets. The prop bets will have plenty of great bets. Past years, the bets included:
First play will be Pass or run, A certain quarterback will throw 1 interception over/under, a certain team will have a 100 yard rusher and the list goes on and on. But the silly bets are only offered at places like the LVH Superbook, like who will win the coin flip, bets regarding the entertainment at half time and many more silly bets. It makes the crowd at the sports book go crazy.