Criss Angel Believe Luxor Las Vegas Show Review

Criss Angel Believe Luxor Las Vegas Show Review

las vegas criss angel believe with cirque du soleil

CRISS ANGEL® Believe™ – Cirque du Soleil®

Criss Angel Believe with Cirque du Soleil is showing at the Luxor Theater, Luxor, Las Vegas. Criss Angel has been one of the best illusionist in the world. Criss has been doing some of the craziest stunts and magic tricks that You can imagine. His signature illusion has been elevating Himself in all types of settings. He has performed this illusion in the Luxor Atrium all the way to the top. He has also done this on the outside of the Luxor right up the side of the pyramid. He has even done it live in front of many People at the downtown Fremont Experience. The one thing I cannot understand about this show is why did Criss Angel need to pair up with Cirque du Soleil. Cirque is great, no doubt, I just think He could do this alone.