Bed Bugs nearly killed guest at the Rio Suites, Las Vegas (Allegedly)

bed bugs all over vegas

bed bugs all over vegas
A San Diego Woman is suing the Rio all suites resort accusing the Resort of selling Her a room that had bed bugs. According to the guest, the bed bug bites were so bad that She had to be rushed to the hospital when She returned to San Diego because She went into Anaphylactic shock. Although We have no idea if the guest is telling the truth the way the management handled the issue was more surprising than the fact there might have been bed bugs. According to the guest, She went to the manager and demanded a new room but was told No, We have no rooms and We do not have bed bugs. She then said She would leave the hotel if She didn’t get a new room and He said “get out of my hotel”.
The one thing to remember about bed bugs is:

  • Any bed can have bed bugs, Yours at home or any hotel in the world, one star – six stars, it has nothing to do with cleanliness, so do not think an expensive clean hotel cannot have bed bugs or that a cheap 20 dollar hotel likely has bed bugs. Roaches are likely at the 20 dollar hotel but not bed bugs. Bed bugs are not attracted to food from unclean rooms like roaches are, bed bugs are attracted to BLOOD, Your Blood.
  • Bed bugs can arrive in Your luggage from another hotel or from your home and multiply at the next hotel. The guest that complains about bed bugs might very well be the one that brought them.
  • You can see bed bugs, they can be very very small but You can see them if Your eyes are good, if not let someone with good vision look for them. If You are far sighted put on your strongest reading glasses to look for them. Look for blood spots first, pull back the sheets to expose the mattress, push back the bead around the mattress where bed bugs hide, they will run out if they are there. Always do this 15 second check when You first get Your room, do not wait until You get bit.