Worlds Largest Sports Book is now SMOKE FREE!

Update: regret to report that the entire sports book is not smoke free, only the seating and betting area. The bar and slots area still allow smoking, nice try Westgate!

The Westgate Superbook, the worlds largest sports book is now smoke free. This is great news for non smokers because not only is the best sports book in Las Vegas now smoke free, others will have no choice but to follow. The first day of the new policy had plenty of smokers ignoring the new rule but likely they did not see the signs. It will take a few weeks for the smokers to decide to visit other sports books or go outside to smoke. The new rule will surely help the smokers cut back and maybe quit smoking. It will help the employees and non smoking customers live longer, that’s a proven fact. There are a few other non smoking sports books like Aria, Tropicana, Luxor, Hard Rock, Venetian, Cosmopolitan and Palazzo but none are as popular as the Westgate Superbook so this is a welcome change for healthy People. Westgate has always (Las Vegas Hilton) an area that was non smoking and has never allowed Cigar or Pipe smoking but now they have taken a big step in saving lives with a total smoking ban.

It is not clear why the change was made but You would think it might have something to do with the fact that Westgate just installed a 12 million dollar video screen among other improvements that cost many millions. It would seem like a waste of money to invest all that and let it get ruined by smoke. Smoke is the leading cause of damage to chairs, carpet, ceiling tiles, paint and People’s lungs in Casinos. It never made sense that casinos didn’t have more areas that are smoke free considering only a small percentage of People smoke.

Macaw Casinos are now smoke free, that is an embarrassment to non smoking Americans. We think We are protecting our Citizens more than any other Country but CHINA takes a step before America to protect Casino employees and customers. And maybe even worse than that New Orleans, the number one party town, is also smoke free in the Harrah’s Casino. There is no excuse for the Nevada Government not to step in and make this right. Lawsuits from Casino employees and frequent customers are sure to cripple the public companies that own these casinos. It will come as a shock to share holders, because they have their heads in the sand.

no smoking is now policy at the westgate superbook