Why smoking is still allowed all over Vegas, money!

Only 19 percent of Americans smoke but We still allow smoking in Casinos killing workers yearly. Not only workers, visitors go home sick as a dog and the reason why is second hand smoke and even third hand smoke. contact the Clark County Commissioners and tell them You will not return until the smoke is gone.
According to Harry Reid, smoking in Casinos is not his problem, He says it is on the local level and that means the Clark County Commissioners, here is how You can contact them:

County Commissioners

District A – Commissioner Steve Sisolak (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District B – Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District C – Commissioner Larry Brown (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District D – Commissioner Lawrence Weekly (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District E – Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District F – Commissioner Susan Brager (702) 455-3500 [email protected]
District G – Commissioner Mary Beth Scow (702) 455-3500 [email protected]

Las Vegas and Clark County have not banned smoking because They are afraid revenue will decline. So They are putting money in front of Your health. Casino workers have died that otherwise would still be living if They had not been exposed to Second Hand Smoke.
Other parts of the World including locations in America have banned smoking. The City of New Orleans made a City-wide ban on smoking and revenue at the Casino did decline but bounced back months later. The Las Vegas and Clark County Casinos would definitely take a decline immediately following a ban but would surely bounce back as others have. The reason They would bounce back is The VAST majority of the population does not smoke and hate being around second-hand smoke. In time as the word gets out that You can breath fresh air in the Casinos People will come back in bigger numbers.

New evidence that Third-hand smoke is also dangerous
The topic is new so there isn’t near as much research to quote but on the surface, it seems to make sense. A smoker is touching EVERYTHING all over Vegas. The elevator button, the remote control in Your room, the slot machine button or handle, the door handles, the carpet, the bedspread and just about Everything that has not been wiped off with a bleach mixture. The chemicals that are left behind by a smoker are too long to list but it is a very gross list. Once You come in contact with it You might as well be smoking Yourself. Even if smoking was banned in all Casinos it would take replacing all the carpet and repaint the walls and ceilings to even start to get rid of it.