Why are escalators all over Vegas routinely shut down?

Nothing is more frustrating than coming upon an Escalator that is not moving. Walking up an escalator is awkward and almost dangerous. So why are they broken so often? Well, They aren’t. All of these escalators are extremely expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain. If You ever owned a office copier You know that You had to have a maintenance contract otherwise You would go broke fixing it on a per issue basis. Well, these escalators are on that same type of maintenance plan but of course 100s of times more expensive. Every revolution cost a certain amount of money so owners often shut them off to save that maintenance money plus electricity especially in times where not many People are using them. The same with the moving sidewalks that You see at Excalibur, Luxuor, Venetian, Caesars and Bellagio.
And Yes, they actually do break down on occasion and You will see People working on them. But You can also notice one shut down and a little while later it is running again and No One has been there to repair it.

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