Where can I find good prices and selection on beer and wine in Las Vegas?

I wish I could tell You that You have to go around a dark alley and ask a guy for beer and wine then give him a password that I provide you. But You do not need any secret handshake or password to find a Walgreens on the Las Vegas Strip. They are now on every block and they have beer, wine and even hard liquor at great prices. When I say great prices I mean the best prices on the strip not great compared to Your hometown coupon deals. The Mom and Pop stores that are up and down the Las Vegas Strip are getting fewer and fewer in fact there are half of what there was just five years ago. All the small shops are making way for bigger and better stores. But Walgreens is now the king of all of them. You can compare to ABC stores that sells most everything You need but in a very much smaller capacity but Walgreens is killing them on price.

walgreens in the new king of the las vegas strip

walgreens sells wine on the las vegas strip

yes, even hard liquor is sold at walgreens

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