Taco Bell Cantina, Las Vegas Strip

What is a Taco Bell Cantina, just an overpriced Taco Bell. But it is actually more than that, yes, it is the exact same food but the Restaurant is pretty damn spectacular. Will People pay more for the nice surroundings? Yes, They will and don’t forget this store is on the Las Vegas Strip which is some of the most expensive real estate in America. You will notice a glass wall where You can watch the “Chef” prepare Your food and at the Soda Machines They have wood levers to look like beer spouts. There is a nice eating area out front that is heated during the cold months and provides great People watching.

Even though the prices are higher than a regular Taco Bell, it is still a great value, for instance, a bean burrito is 1.99 instead of 1.39. They are not jacking the price up anymore than McDonalds or other Chains that still have stores on the Las Vegas Strip.