Surprise Oakland wants to keep the Raiders now that they are WINNING

Every Teenage movie has that ugly Girl that Everyone makes fun of but then She lets Her hair down, gets rid of the dorky glasses and revels a smoking hot body that had been covered by outdated clothes. Now Every Popular Boy is fighting to take Her to the prom.
That is what is happening now between Las Vegas and Oakland. Las Vegas wanted the Raiders to come to Sin City when they were butt ugly and Oakland didn’t give a damn, no protesting, no begging UNTIL NOW. Timing could not be worse for Las Vegas which was a pretty sure bet to get the Raiders until they started winning. Shouldn’t Mark Davis tell these fair weather fans to fu#k off? The same ones that will turn on Him if His teams loses three in a row? Even great teams lose in the NFL and the Raiders are going to lose and when they do they would still be welcome in Las Vegas because the reason for having them in Vegas is better than having them in Oakland. Vegas is a party town and would party with any NFL team even if they lose all their games, Oakland could not even fill the stadium until the Raiders were suddenly winning.

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