Solution to the Busker Problems all over Vegas

Buskers aren’t a big problem on the sidewalks of the Las Vegas Strip, that’s because You can usually avoid them by taking another route or having enough room to get around them. Where they pose a major problem are in areas like the Fremont Street Experience and between the Linq and Harrah’s. Those two examples have too many buskers for the space and routinely hold up pedestrian traffic. There is no choice for Every age visitor to witness disgusting sights in these areas.

The solution is to privatize these areas so that the owners can get rid of the buskers completely. There is no reason for the City of Las Vegas to own the Fremont Street Experience sidewalk area that used to be a working street. That area should be sold to the Fremont Street Experience group of Hotel Owners so that they can do with it whatever They wish. That would also mean that they would have to completely take over the security cost to keep it safe, saving the City millions. Getting rid of the Buskers downtown would increase business and get the visitor numbers back to where they were prior to the Buskers ruining the area.

There is no reason for Caesar’s Entertainment not to own the area in front of Carnival Court. They own the court and the hotels on each side, giving them ownership would give them authority to get rid of these disgusting half dressed buskers.

“The Park” is opening between Monte Carlo and New York New York announced it will be Busker Free and that has a lot of People exited. They will have performers but they will be paid for by MGM and will not be hassling You for money. The quality of the performers will be controlled by MGM so You can be sure it will not be Men in G Strings sticking out their tongues and begging for tips. If You noticed the Linq also has performers but they are high quality not grown Men in diapers. This is because the Linq is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment.

There is no way to get rid of Buskers from Public areas but privately owned areas have the total right to refused to allow them.