SLS Las Vegas should close down for 2 years then re-launch

SLS has lost over 83 million in the first 6 months of 2015 and the light at the end of the tunnel is not in sight. Their only hope is what will happen to the Strip within 2 years:
SLS Las Vegas should close down for 2 years then re-launch when World Resorts opens. Without World Resorts 4 billion dollar complex the northern end of the Strip just cannot survive. Riviera lost money month after month as did Sahara before selling to SLS. So SLS came in and made a beautiful property, one that would be competing with The Cosmopolitan or the Crowmell if it was located in the center Strip area. They cannot do anything about their location so they have to figure out a way to quit losing so much money, they might lose as much money as they invested before they start showing a profit. People will come to this Hotel/Casino but not NOW, it is way too far off the heart of the Las Vegas Strip for People to walk and People really do not want to use the Monorail, bus or one of the ride share companies. Let’s face it People like convenience and the reason why the center strip is so hot is because People can walk out of one hot spot and right into another, without waiting for a taxi, the bus or the monorail. The only thing You can do from the SLS is walk a block to the Stratosphere to the north and Circus Circus to the south. The problem is even if People would walk that far these properties are not the type of properties SLS visitors would go to.

SLS could shut down and reopen in two years which would cost millions in security and upkeep but that is better than 100 or 200 million in losses by the time the North end of the Strip is ready for such a fantastic property.

I am sure they will not shut down even though they should so please make time to visit this awesome Hotel/Casino, it is well worth Your time and effort. Read Reviews Here

sls is empty in the middle of the day in april of 2015
April 2015 The SLS should have 50 cars trying to park but as You can see, just a few