Should You use Uber or Lyft all over Vegas?

Update: July 2017 Uber and Lyft are now picking up all over Vegas. Operations started on September 15, 2015 and so far all is going smoothly. There are no restricted areas for use of the ride share services. Both Services are operating at the McCarran Airport. Now Uber has drastically cut prices many times. The base fare that was 2.40 is now 1.12, the price per mile was 1.85 is now .675, the per minute price was .30 is now .1125. A Service fee of 1.38 and booking fee of 1.90 will be added to every trip. There is also an Airport fee of 2.45. Lyft is mostly the same except You can tip on the Lyft App but cannot on Uber. Drivers are allowed to take cash tips on either service. The low rates have made it near impossible for drivers to make a profit and even though that is terrible for Them it is great for the riders. You will see that service is fantastic, cars are ready to pick You up all over Vegas. A short ride to the Airport from a nearby hotel will typically cost 12-13 dollars but only about 4.50 of that will go to the driver because of all the fees that are added. Uber is expected to add the tipping feature to their app by the end of July 2017.

Should You use Uber or Lyft all over Vegas, hell Yes!

uber is back in business in las vegasTechnology is the answer to that question. Uber and Lyft have an app that both the driver and passenger use to hire a driver or pick up a passenger. How does it work?
Uber drivers are given background checks, made to show proof of insurance and have a 8 year old or newer vehicle to provide transportation. The customer uses an app to request a ride and can get a fare estimate first if they wish. The app will show the rider how far away the driver is and how much time is expected to make the pick up. The request goes to the closest driver and shortly You will be on Your way. At a price that can be as much as half of what a taxi cab would cost, why not use them? A new or almost new car, why not use them? Knowing the driver has passed a detailed background check why not use them?

If You must use a taxi, You might find them to be nicer than usual because they know they are getting their ass handed to them by Uber and Lyft. Do I feel sorry for them? Nope! They should have cleaned up their act when there was no Uber or Lyft, now it doesn’t seem like they are sorry, just sorry they got caught. The last time I took a taxi to the airport, the driver took my bag out of the back of the car and dropped it on the concrete, not put it down but dropped it on purpose and He still expected a tip!! Everyone has a rude taxi driver story, I doubt the Uber and Lyft stories will be about rudeness.


If You are a new customer to Lyft You can get a Free Lyft Ride up to 20 dollars or if You are new to Uber, You can get Your first ride free up to 20 dollars: both of these services are much cheaper than is a Taxi all over Vegas or Worldwide: Get the Uber promo code.