One million dollar bet on Auburn has LVH very nervous

million dollar bet on bcs game

million dollar bet on bcs gameLVH took the 1000 dollar bet before the season started, the odds? 1000/1. Only 10 tickets were sold, they ranged from 10 dollars to 1000 but only one was over 100 dollars so the payout for a win by Auburn for these 10 bettors will be from 10,000 to one million dollars. The Auburn Tigers must win the game outright for the tickets to win. The tickets do not give Auburn the 7.5 points that a bet today would give. The Florida State Seminoles were only a 7-1 chance before the season started but those tickets will not hurt the LVH in anywhere near the way an Auburn win would. What kind of Person puts 1000 dollars on a 1000-1 team? The same Person that would bet 20 or 30 underdogs and hope for one of them to come through. Typically, a bettor like this has bet thousands of prop bets over a lifetime and cased a few but none that were 1000 to one.