No more free Parking at Las Vegas Strip Casinos

MGM has announced that it will start charging for parking at all it’s casino properties (except the one no one cares about, Circus Circus) in April of 2016. The change from free parking is justified by MGM because they are spending near 100 million on updating current parking garages and building a new one at Excalibur that will be used for the new Arena next to New York New York. Caesar’s Entertainment will not say if they plan to start charging at their garages but if history tells Us anything, they will. It was MGM that first started the dreaded Resort Fees and for a while Caesar’s made a big deal of not having resort fees, even displaying hotel wraps with “NO RESORT FEES”. Then suddenly one day they started charging resort fees and No One cares. With that lesson learned I doubt that Caesar’s will opt out of the extra parking profit, after all, most of the free parking will be filled with MGM Customer’s

It is mostly locals that will be hurt the most by this change but MGM says they will allow locals the chance to earn M points that will give them free parking.

When Casinos were making most of their money from gambling it made sense to give free parking, otherwise People would go to another Casino but now most of the revenue is from other sources. Gambling on the Las Vegas Strip has almost been forgotten.If You want to dine in a fancy restaurant or see a show, You are going to have to pay to park.

The price of the parking is probably going to be in the 10 dollar range and should be much lower on non event nights. Validation from Restaurants will most likely be offered later.

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What can You do about it? If You are a local, consider using Uber or Lyft, both are dirt cheap and will take you door to door probably about the same price as parking. Most of these parking garages are a hassle anyway, why not get delivered right up to the front door?

If You are a new customer to Lyft You can get a Free Lyft Ride up to 20 dollars or if You are new to Uber, You can get Your first ride free up to 20 dollars: both of these services are much cheaper than is a Taxi all over Vegas or Worldwide: Get the Uber promo code.