Let’s make Ellen Page the last to come out GAY!

Who is She?

Who is She?
LGBT youth conference in Las Vegas.
I read about Ellen Page coming out GAY and thought, really? We still have to read about Someone coming out gay? Aren’t all gays “out”? What more can all these celebrities do for average everyday People to get them to “come out”? Then We see someone like Ellen Page that considers Herself a celebrity but most People had never heard of Her but now they have, because She “comes out”? Her name is all over the internet is this why She “came out”? Could She not gain fame in Her work? What work does She do? Has Anyone seen Her in a movie? Is She on TV? How does a straight celebrity get attention? Get a DUI, race cars in Miami neighborhoods, treat People like shit? (Justin Bieber). Can We stop all this nonsense? What does Ellen Page want? A medal? It takes guts to do this? Why?
How about instead of coming out gay in a press conference, focus on making gay marriage legal in all 50 states. It is not necessary to focus on one state, go to Washington and fight for gay marriage to become federal law, quit wasting time telling Us about Your personal preference to same sex, do that on facebook. We really do not care but We would like all this to go away, it’s 2014. Nevada is losing tons of money everyday to other states that allow gay marriage and Las Vegas especially needs this fixed TODAY! If You want to make a change make it on the gay marriage issue and if You want to get the public’s attention, talk about the money they are losing by not having gay marriage legal and how much tax payers are wasting having the government defending the gay marriage ban.
Misery should not be limited to a Man and a Woman, same sex couples should get to experience it too!