Las Vegas will arrest prostitutes, the old fashion type

escorts not being arrested in vegas
Las Vegas will arrest prostitutes, the old fashion type, by the old fashion type We mean, Hookers that walk the street soliciting business from random Men. And some have the guts to enter casinos and find lonely looking Men or any Man that makes eye contact and try to sell Him sex. Las Vegas has always frowned upon this type of prostitute because it is very bad for tourism, No One wants to see that when they are trying to have a little fun in Vegas. These type of prostitutes are also much more dangerous than the new and improved Las Vegas Escort. There is also the Las Vegas Mistresses, They are definitely even safer than is the Escort but the main thing is Las Vegas does not want a Hooker on the streets of Las Vegas. A traditional hooker cannot be tracked the way a Escort can, the Escort is called and a credit card is given to the escort service,  then the escort goes to the hotel where the Customer is. If something happens, like a thief or even worse, the Escort can be identified immediately. A Hooker may never be caught and more likely to rob a Customer. The method of using a Las Vegas mistress is getting more popular and will never harm tourism. That is more of an agreement between two adults and the mistress doesn’t even consider Herself a prostitute, even though She has multiple “friends” that visit Vegas and give her gifts.