Dave O’Leary and Connor O’Leary Win The Amazing Race 2014 All Stars

dave and conner win the amzing race in las vegas
Dave and Connor beat Brendon & Rachel and Jen & Caroline in the Las Vegas based season finale. David Copperfield was the star of the first challenge which was nothing short of terrible. Copperfield acted as if He had never been on TV before or if maybe He had been pulled out of bed to do His small segment.

The All Star Finale was the worst in recent memory. There was nothing for the teams to do that included memory or physical challenges. Nothing that recapped the season, why the show went away from that, I am not sure. Why this finale was one hour instead of two is another mystery. In previous finale’s the contestants had to solve puzzles that had to do with the events that took place over the season but this time there was no such thing.

As the contestants arrived in Vegas, We got to know that one of the Country singers went to high school in Vegas but She didn’t say the name. That would have been a good plug that was a missed opportunity. Also it was mentioned that Brendon and Rachel were from Las Vegas but They actually live in California, however, Rachael mentioned that She once worked at the Mirage but She didn’t say in what capacity, another missed opportunity to make the episode more interesting.

The whole season We kept hearing about how the old fart (Dave) was going to be the oldest to ever win the Amazing Race and judging by His looks, I figured He must be 72 or 73 years old. He kept referring to Himself as old and needing help to beat out these young People. There was even a big rift between the teams because the Dave team of Dave and Conner were U-Turned, how dare Someone U-turn the team that included this old Person. After hearing about Him being so old, I had to find out just how old, He is only 59 years old!! What an insult to all People that are near 60 for this Person to act like He is at least 75.