Cox Cable Customer’s can easily watch Super Bowl on Sunday

The Las Vegas Sun put out an article that shows You how to install a cheap antenna to receive the Signal of the CBS affiliate channel KLAS. But before You do that try this:
Take the cable that is going to Your cox cable box or tivo box and screw it directly into your tv into the “input” same as shown in the Las Vegas Sun article. The cable that is coming from your wall will actually work as a digital antenna and will produce a beautiful crystal clear picture. Try this first so you do not waste the money on an antenna that you likely will never use again. After You screw in the cable You will need to use the original remote that came with your tv (put the cable box remote off to the side) and select input: antenna. It might say channel set up or tv channels, something along those lines. When You get to that point thee will be an option to scan for channels, do that and watch the tv come up with at least 40 channels and one of them will be KLAS on channel 8.1.

These disputes between network affiliates and tv providers are very common and can sometimes last a few days to many months. Even if You are not interested in the Super Bowl, You probably will have some other reason to need to watch CBS. It is crazy because KLAS really needs Cox more than Cox needs them because while this dispute is going on KLAS cannot sell advertising for the price it could while Cox is broadcasting their signal. Really KLAS should be paying Cox instead of the other way around.