Beware of Sports Betting Sites guaranteeing to make You money

update: this has been the worst betting year of my life for football NFL or NCAA and NO ONE is doing better than Me that has bet more than 100 games. Any handicapper saying they are making money is a Liar.

I have used a half dozen or so sports handicappers in the last 15 years, some are honest and most are not. The easiest thing to remember is if they do not post their picks from the day before with results then they are dishonest. If You see the term #$$$REDHOT LAST 9 GAMES 8-1 ATS$$ Do not buy from this site because Anyone that is 8-1 is due to be 1-8 and You are going to be buying 1-8 picks. If You notice this same site will claim similar numbers all the time, never do you see them admit they lost the last 6 of 7.

One of my favorite shows ever was “Money Talks” on CNBC, this the same station that airs “The profit” so it is a legitimate station and would make a believable show. The show only made it one year but Steve Stevens said He was going to be on Esquire a couple years later, that never happened. I think the CNBC show did well enough to get a second season but it is possible that the negative press from People that dealt with Steve Stevens caused CNBC to back off. I never bought picks from VIP Sports which is the name of the company that the show was based on, the reason I did not is their pricing was confusing. They have “action picks” and “vip picks” and “owner picks” each costing more and more. Why would I buy an action pick? does that mean it is a crappy pick? so when I lose, they will tell Me, should have bought the “VIP” pick. In one episode, Money Talks had a big gambler come to Vegas and Steve Stevens gave Him a bet that lost then told him to double up and that bet lost then He tripled up and won, pretty much Anyone could do this but sometimes You lose the third one and You are really screwed.

A smart bettor always plays the same amount every game, through the long haul this is always the best way to come out on top or lose very little. Casinos love for People to double up and triple up, that is how they have the huge advantage. Remember Casinos have very little advantage in sports betting, that is why You get very little comps in the sports books, they count on You using bad management skills.

I once ask a sports handicapper to give Me the link where past picks could be found, He told Me He could email them to Me, really? Unless You can find them on that handicapper’s website, there is very much room to lie. The reason honest People post past picks is so the People that bought picks can check to be sure those are the picks they bought. It is then self policing. I once bought picks from “Professor picks” and they did not list the losers that I bought the day before so I posted on Twitter that they were liars so they blocked Me from their twitter feed. There are so many ways to fraud the public but the true way to be at least a little bit sure is if they list their picks on their site after the game is over. The picks should be by date, You will see that Professor Picks puts a list on their site to make it confusing to check but they never fail to list one that they win.

Never Ever use offshore betting sites, they all have withdraw systems that make it impossible to win. Plus they are illegal and You have No One to help You when You get ripped off. Use legit sports books in Vegas, Bahamas, Atlantic City, London, etc, only brick and mortar Sports Books.

Sports Insights This is very honest site that gives you picks plus a lot of tools. The best tool is the app that shows the live odds at Vegas sports books and offshore books as well. You can actually pay for the service just by getting better odds by knowing what book to place Your bet.

Team Rankings This might be the most honest site on the internet. All past bets are listed and You get tons of free information. Very good site for finding out things like scoring in the first and second half, yards per game on offense, defense, etc…

The following are very honest handicappers and We keep the free picks on this page all the time.

I like this site the best because these handicappers compete with each other and no way will they let one Person say they had Boston yesterday if they didn’t. They make more money if they are on the top of the leader board, it is the same way PGA golfers make sure No One cheats they have to sign the opponent’s score card!